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Slice of cake

For our book club, we recently read " The 4% Fix" by Karma Brown. Brown talks about taking an hour for yourself, preferably, before everyone else gets up. Why? Imagine a cake with 24 slices, one slice for each hour of the day. If you don't take your slice first, everyone else will eat them up.

This book isn't about being more productive and getting more accomplished in your day, it is about doing something for yourself.  These are extremely difficult times, some days we are great and others not even close.  This last round of shutdowns has been the hardest for me, especially these last few weeks.

Why do I tell you this, because gardening is my slice of cake, my solace, my time.  I help run a community garden in Milton ON, where members of the community rent plots by the season.  I see them escaping to the garden too, for their slice of cake. This is your reminder to take your slice of cake too

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