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Starting ginger and turmeric indoors

It felt so great to be pottering around in the dirt again.  To start off my 2021 growing season, I have dusted off the indoor grow lights and set them up next to my desk.  For me, this year is all about doing the things that bring me joy and seeing my seedling sprout, brings me joy.  Now, this could be a terrible decision, what is the expression, “a watched kettle never boils!”  I'm going with a positive attitude and preparing for the best!

Here is what I did, if you would like to try this at home.  Please know this is my first time planting both ginger and turmeric, so we are learning together.  If on the other hand, this is not your first time, please share your tips in the comments.

Step 1.

I purchased organic ginger and turmeric from my local supermarket

Step 2.

I filled my 3 inch pots, 3/4 of the way with potting soil

Step 3. 

I broke the ginger into smaller pieces that were around 1 to 2 inches in length and placed them in the pot, with the nobly parts pointing up.  The turmeric I did not break up, but did again make sure the nobly parts were facing up.

Step 4.

Cover with an inch of soil, water and cover with plastic to keep the moisture in.  I will remove the plastic when they start to sprout.

Both ginger and turmeric take around 10 months, so these will hopefully be ready to harvest mid October.  They are tropical plants so like lots of sun and can be grown in pots as well as in the ground.  Happy Planting.

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